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Aug 14, 2017

Women's watches under 500

Get yourself a great watch under 500

You have probably been looking around for a while - not sure where to go next, can I really get a watch for under 500 with a decent quality, the answer is defiantly a big YES! And it is true both for women's and men's watches. 

Looking for a fashion watch today should be more about having it around for a while like a nice piece of jewelry, and at the same time get yourself the quality you deserve.

Quality is and has been the most important matter when we design the new and very fashionable watch brand Jacques Reboul. We wanted you to carry something special and very unique – unique for you only!

We don’t want to brag – but to find a watch for like 300 dollars with the quality the Jacques Reboul brand carries is very hard to find – if not impossible.

All our watches come with a very high quality Swiss Movement to be with you for a very long time!

Watches comes in three sizes, 44 mm, 41 mm and 36 mm. Anyone can where any size – it is all about you and what you fell best with.

We hope you will Love the Jacques Reboul watch as much as we do!

Premier Classic Silver St. Louis  Lumiere Noir Classic Rose Black | St. Martin